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Written by Dr. Andreea Dragomirescu & Dr. Sanjeev Sood   

Folk tradition says that bee keepers don`t develop either cancer or arthritis due to the exposure to bee stings. During the 1940`s Dr. Bodog Beck, who can be considered the father of apitherapy in U.S, was doing an international search for beekeepers who got cancer and he could find one only. Incidence of both cancer and arthritis in beekeepers have changed nowadays, as factors inducing degenerative diseases are continuously increasing, still cancer and arthritis are obviously less in persons exposed to bee sting and recent scientific studies show that bee venom has compounds with strong anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and apoptotic properties.

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20 Tips for Success With Happiness Print
Written by Dr. Priyanka Arora   

1. Spend some time alone.
2. Believe in love at first sight.
3. Talk slowly but think quickly.

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PARALYSIS-Cure With Panchakarma Print
Written by Dr. Sanjeev Sood   

Literal meaning of Ayurvedic term Paksha Aghat or Pakshaghat is Paralysis i.e. trauma of one half or the body. In Ayurvedic texts it is clearly described that Vata or neurological pathologies influence the Dhamni / Shira vessels of head region leads to destruction of the function of the corresponding Paksha or half side of the body. Pure Vataj Paralysis is difficult to cure as Kshya due to vitiated Vata causes extensive degeneration of nerve tissue and nervous regenerations is quite difficult. Paralysis due to vitiated Pitta is easily curable as inflammation caused by Pitta is better treatable. Paralysis caused by Rakta being haemorrhagic is most difficult to cure.

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SNORING- Problem for your partner Print
Written by Dr. Anil Gakkhar   

The sound that occurs due to the vibration of soft palate, which relaxes when one, sleeps is called snoring. It is a rough, rattling sound that comes from your mouth and nose when one is asleep. Snoring is very common. It affects as many as four in 10 people.

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12-Tips for Constipation Print
Written by Dr. Ashvin B. Bagde   

Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement fewer than three times per week. With constipation stools are usually hard, dry, small in size and difficult to eliminate. Some people who are constipated find it painful to have a bowel movement and often experience straining, bloating and the sensation of a full bowel.
Some people think they are constipated if they do not have a bowel movement every day. However, normal stool elimination may be three times a day or three times a week depending on the person.
Constipation is a symptom not a disease. Almost everyone experiences constipation at some point in their life and a poor diet typically is the cause. Most of the times constipation is temporary and not serious, understanding its causes, prevention and treatment will help most people find relief.

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PRANIC HEALING-A stress buster for cancer patients Print
Written by Dr Pooja Sabharwal & Dr M. Dinkar Sharma   

Pranic healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes "Prana" to balance harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. "Prana" is a Sanskrit word that means "Life-force" This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as "Chi". It is also called "Ruah" or the "Breath of life" in the Old Testament. Pranic healing is a simple yet powerful and effective no touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a "Self-repairing" living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body.

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Apple A Day- Keeps The Doctor Away Print
Written by Dr. R. D. Gupta & Dr. Ravi Kher   

Apple (Malus sylvestris) is one of the most valuable of all fruits. It is a fleshy with tough skin, ranging in colour from greenish-yellow to red and usually 8-10 cm in diameter, and has pinkish or yellow-white flesh. The apple is considered “protective” and most wholesome food. Apart from the energy value, it plays an important role in the normal development of metabolic changes i.e. both physical and chemical those occurs within the body and enables its continued growth and functioning.

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Low backache- Solution with Ayurveda Print
Written by Dr. Chander Shekhar Sharma   

Back pain accounts for 30-50% for rheumatic complaints encountered by general practitioners. Back pain is the second only to common cold as the most frequent reason for visiting a physician and is the most common chronic pain syndrome in industrial countries. The highest prevalence is in persons aged 45-65 years.

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Leeches for Blood Letting Therapy Print
Written by Dr. M. B. Pillewan   

According to Acharya Charak, Panchakarma consist of five types i.e. Emesis therapy, Purgative or Laxative Therapy, Oily Enema Therapy, Decoction Enema Therapy and Nasal insufflations. Sushruta, the father of surgery has said that there are several diseases occurring due to vitiation of blood than the vitiation of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

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CHROMIUM- You need to know Print
Written by Dr. Mahendra Prasad   

Chromium: What is it? Chromium is a mineral that humans require in trace amounts, although its mechanisms of action in the body and the amounts needed for optimal health are not well defined. It is found primarily in two forms: first is trivalent (chromium 3+), which is biologically active and found in food, and second is hexavalent (chromium 6+), a toxic form that results from industrial pollution. Here we focuses exclusively on trivalent (3+) chromium.

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Ginkgo Biloba- Print
Written by Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma   

The seed of Ginkgo biloba has been used for approximately 3000 years in China for it''s curative powers. The extract of Ginkgo biloba has been studied for its effectiveness in the treatment of Acrocyanosis, Alzheimer's disease, Cerebral atherosclerosis, Cerebral insufficiencies, Cochlear deafness, Dementia, Depression, Menopause, Peripheral and cerebral circulatory stimulation, Peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud's syndrome, Retinopathy, Senility, Short-term memory loss, Tinnitus, Vascular Diseases, and Vertigo.

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A Little Known Dry Fruit Nut CHILGOZA Print
Written by Dr. Gopesh Kumar N. Sharma   

Chilgoza trees are available in north west Himalayas from Garhwal to westwards (Afghanistan Baluchistan) in the upper valleys of the rivers Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej from 5500 to 9000 feet of height. It is hardy and can withstand considerable cold and drought. By nature, it is light demander and wind firm. The tree can grow on dry barren rocky hillsides with shallow soil so helps in conservation of soil in the hills it would be otherwise bare rocks. It is rarely felled as the pine yields no commercial timber. The wood is yellowish brown, hard durable and similar to Pinus roxburghii. Its Sanskrit name is Nikochak, Hindi, Marathi & Gujrati names are -Chilgoza, Neoza. Other local names are Chiri, Gunober, Prita

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20 Tips for a Healthy Wake Up Print
Written by Nikhil Gakkhar   

Pick what you like from the following steps of the waking up process or perform all these daily rituals if you can.
1. Clean nose, teeth and tongue.
2. Do some physical morning exercises.
3. Bath your body from top to toe while humming.

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PUNARNAVA- A Potential Rejuvenator Print
Written by Dr.Ajay Kumar, Dr.Tina Singhal & Dr.B.N.Upadhyay   

Boerhavia diffusa, commonly called hog weed, is known as 'erimmirii' (which literally means water-food). Punarnava is found throughout India and Brazil. It is a very important plant for urinary system. It can be white or red and used as a treatment of liver disorders such as jaundice and hepatitis. Throughout the tropics, it is used as a natural remedy for Guinea worms. The plant is used in folkloric medicine to treat convulsions and as a mild laxative and febrifuge (Adesina, 1979). The roots and leaves are considered to have an expectorant action, to be emetic and diuretic in large doses and are used in the treatment of asthma. The thick roots, softened by boiling are applied as a poultice to draw abscesses and to encourage the extraction of guinea worm (Keary and Hepper, 1985).

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Written by Dr. P. K. Rai, Dr. Richa Rai & Dr. O. P. Singh   

The urine of man, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, elephant, horse and camel have been described in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. Urine of the healthy cow should consider the best amongst those of other animals. Traditionally, it is believed to be holy and pure when sprayed in courtyards and home. Its quality does not deteriorate but its color may change over a period of time to red or black, which is due to the minerals such as copper, iron in the urine.

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Dyslexia gave the drive to richest Bill Gates Print
Written by Dr KD Maha Patra   

Management of Specific Developmental Disorder in Children

Can you recall Ishan Avasthi of the film “Taare Jameen Par”? The poor boy who can not express what is his problem. But the more graceful thing was that his parents were unable to identify the problem. He had expressional problem i.e. reading and writing skill problem. Fortunately he got Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) as savior. But every child who suffers from this disease may not be able get somebody to rescue. As a result he has to suffer for lifelong. Report says approximately 20% children have learning disorder and 6% have difficulty in mathematics. But in true sense, from an angle of a psychiatrist I must say it is not a big deal to treat this socially vulnerable morbidity. Let us discuss about this disease.

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Meditation- Take a stress-reduction break wherever you are Print
Written by Dr Pradeep Kumar Goswami   

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Originally, it was meant to help people deepen their understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. These days, many people turn to meditation for relaxation and stress reduction.
Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and emotional stability. And these effects don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can have lasting effects on your emotional and physical well-being.

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How to treat depression without prescription medications Print
Written by Dr Chirjeev Singh   

Depression is the most prevalent disorder of modern society, modern medicines because of having drug dependence and extensive side effects are becoming less popular and most of the patients of the depression are looking after alternative methods and medicaments for the management of depression, following seven alternatives are of great use without the use of conventional allopathic medicines.
1. Food fixes: Dietary changes can alter the brain both chemically and structurally. If you're feeling blue, take a step toward recovery by ensuring that your diet includes the following:

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CUMIN-A spice from bible Print
Written by Dr. Rohit Johari   

Cumin has been grown and used as a spice since ancient times. Originally cultivated in Iran and Mediterranean region, Cumin is mentioned in the Bible in both the Old Testament Isaiah 28:27 and in the New Testament Matthew 23:23. It was also known in ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks kept Cumin at the dining table in its own container- much as pepper is frequently kept today-and this practice continues in Morocco. It is now mostly grown in Iran, Morocco and Egypt, India, Syria, North America and Chile.


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SOYBEAN- A Wonder Food Print
Written by Kavita Wadhwa   

Soybean, a leguminous plant product has been considered as one of the most wonderful nutritional gifts that nature has given us, during the last few years. In the nineties, its consumption was strongly recommended to maintain good health and to help prevent and even treat certain diseases. This was because of two main reasons. One, its being nutritionally very rich and the second it's having certain non- nutritional components which have a disease fighting potential.

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20 -Tips for Bone Fracture Print
Written by Professor Dr. Anup K. Gakkhar   


Bone fracture is a medical condition in which a bone is cracked or broken. While many fracturesare the result of high force impact or stress, bone fracture can also occur as a result of certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis, certain types of cancer. In ayurveda fracture is known by the name of bhagna. Following tips are useful for a speedy healing of fracture.

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