30 Piggy Tips to Bank Happiness Print
Written by Shilpa Mohindra   

1. Enjoy beauty.
2. Watch your posture.
3. Always tell the truth.
4. Enjoy your free time!
5. Look people in the eye.
6. Own up to your mistakes.
7. Don't believe all you hear.
8. Learn how to keep secrets.
9. Do only one thing at a time.
10. Learn how to listen, it's an art.
11. Spend less than what you earn.
12. You have the right to be happy!
13. Be honest, earn people's respect.
14. Don't criticize people, praise them.
15. Beware of who has nothing to lose.
16. Meditate for thirty minutes every day.
17. Watch the sun rise at least once a month.
18. Don't make decisions when you are angry.
19. Don't lose control at any time; take a deep breath.
20. Don't repeat all you hear, don't say all you think.


21. Learn how to say “No” courteoulsy and promptly.
22. Don't be afraid to say “I don't know” and “I'm sorry.
23. Don't hesitate to lose a battle if it helps you win the war.
24. Shed hate and rancor they hurt you more than they do others.
25. Happiness is like a piggy-bank, put in it as much as you can.
26. Choose your spouse well most of your happiness depends on it.
27. Never deprive anyone of hope; it could be the only thing a person owns.
28. Don't procrastinate. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.
29. There are things you can't get back: the spoken word, the time that has gone by and lost opportunities.
30. Discover pleasure in simple things: eating, breathing, walking, tasting, touching, seeing, sleeping…

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