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Written by Dr. Ashok Kumari, Dr. C.R. Yadav & Prof. M.S. Meena   

Backache is very common disease which mars the charm of life. It is a common symptom of many diseases, as well. Those who carry weight on one side, such as postmen, or children with their school books usually over one shoulder may have considerable backache and may develop definite spinal curvature. High heels are very prolific causes of backache.  The natural foot is constructed to walk best in a horizontal position, with the heel no higher than the sole of the foot.
Most back pain, especially lower back pain is caused by simple muscle strains. Back Pain, especially in the lower back (lumbar spine), is a problem that most people experience at some time in their lives. Sleeping on a bed with very relaxed springs, may produce similar conditions.
Constipation is a very frequent cause of backache. Sedentary living habits, hazardous work patterns and psychological conditions associated with emotional stress, which bring about spasm of the muscles, cause backaches.   Most of the back pains are caused by muscle or ligament strain. There are other causes such as damage or injury to spinal nerves, bones, or discs. The causes of acute backache include a fall, heavy weight lifting, back injury / trauma, fracture etc.

Some Useful Tips
1. Sit on a chair in a healthy posture.
2. Do not bear shoes / ‘saindals’ with more than one inch heel.
3. If you suffer from backache always use lumber support while you are sitting or driving on long tours.
4. Use of firm mattress and hard beds.
5. Take regular back exercises for strengthening the muscles that support the back - muscles of the back, abdomen and buttocks
6. Stretching the muscles is also important as shortened muscles can cause misalignment of the spine (poor posture). Stretching exercises loosen and lengthen the muscles to reduce pressure on the discs.
7. Forward bending should be avoided. The back bone should be in erect position while at work.
8. When suffering from acute backache sleep straight way as shown in picture.
The causes of chronic backache (of long duration) include slip disc, spondylosis or our life style i.e. wrong postures while sitting or standing.
Home Remedies
1. Garlic: 1-2 cloves of garlic can be taken in the early morning (Empty stomach) can relieve the symptoms. It also lowers the high cholesterol level.
2. Lemon: The juice of one lemon & a pinch of black salt can be taken with lukewarm water.
3. Poultice of potato also relieves pain dramatically; it can be prepared by boiling the potato and then applying to the back when it is warm.
4. Hot fomentation or use of hot water bottle at the site of pain.
5. Yogic Asana like halasan, Uttanpadasan, Bhujangasan are very useful.
About ninety per cent of backache patients suffer from what is called cervical and lumbar spondylosis. It is a degenerative disorder in which the different vertebrae come close to each other through bony unions. As a result of this, the spine loses its flexibility. Lower back pain is more common in overweight people.
Yoga for backache:
Butterfly posture: This posture helps in stretching and strengthening the leg and back muscles. Hold for ½ to 1 minutes.
When to call a Doctor:
1. You are experiencing intense / sharp pain and you are unable to move about.
2. The pain is radiating / going to the one or both the legs.
3. Feeling of numbness or heaviness in the one or both the legs.

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