Fiber Prevents diseases Print
Written by Dr. Punita Pandey & Dr. J.K. Pandey   

In today’s world man is living his life in an unnatural environment. In recent time the impact of scientific and technical progress has resulted in taking man away from nature, and making his daily life more artificial, busy, uneasy, crowded and unsteady.

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Ayurvedic assurance In uterine bleeding Print
Written by Dr. P. M. Sharma   

Menarche is the testimony of womenhood. The transition of a girl into a woman and a woman into a mother. Brings a sense of fulfilment and ecstacy in her life. But on the contrary if menstrual cycle gets idiosyncrasy or irregularity due to any reason, it becomes a curse.

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7 Keys for Eternal Happiness Print
Written by Dr. Vivek Mohindra   

Happiness is a buzz word worldwide these days. Happiness indices are being drawn up, people specializing in happiness are sought after and happiness conferences are organized at large scales.

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Written by Malkiat S. Grewal   

Shirshasana for Better Health

It is very rare that we are able to see the world upside down, and regularly viewing the world from this angle can bring a variety of amazing benefits to our life. This posture may look tough to those who haven’t attempted it. Nevertheless, it is an extremely powerful asana.

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ASHWAGANDHA To Enhance Your Immunity Print
Written by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr.Tina Singhal & Prof.B.N.Upadhyay   

AshwagandhaWithania somnifera has been an important herb in the Ayurvedic and indigenous medical systems for over 3000 years. It is commonly known as Ashwgandha which indicates the equine (of horses) odour of the plant, also known as, Indian ginseng, and winter cherry.

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FRUITS & VEGETABLES Are you taking sufficient daily ? Print
Written by Abha Khetarpal & G.K.Kochar   

Fruit and vegetables are packed full of goodness and often contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in other types of foods or they may contain higher levels of these nutrients than other foods.

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Bottle gourd For cool summers Print
Written by Divya Sawhney   

Grew the popularity of Baba Ram Dev Ji, grew the popularity of summer’s special ”Lauki” commonly known as gheeya or kaddu. This yellow green vegetable, having the shape of a bottle (bottle gourd) has white pulp with white seeds embedded in spongy flesh.

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Important Therapies of KERALEEYA PANCHA-KARMA Print
Written by Dr. G Shrinivasa Acharya   

Panchakarma is being practiced as a preventive measure as well as treatment to cure the illness all over India. The practice of panchakarma was also prevalent in the small state Kerala located in the southern part of the India. Ayurvedic physicians of this part developed this art of healing with some uniqueness.

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SHIRODHARA : Tourists Charm of Kerala Print
Written by Dr. Ashvin B. Badge & Dr. A.K. Singh   

Shirodhara is an ancient and verified method which has been successfully used for thousands of years. Shirodhara is mainly used to eliminate the diseases of head, neck, eyes, ears, nose and the nervous system.

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Keralite panchakarma for joint problems Print
Written by Dr. B. Harinatha Chary   

Life is not living but living in health. Every one wants to live a happy and healthy life. Joint disorders are one among the diseases, which hinders the normal function of the joint and make life so difficult to lead with. Joint is a structure, which maintains the contour of the body and helps in its free movement. If such a joint is diseased, our normal day-to-day life comes to a stand still. Allopathy aims mainly at NSAIDs and Cortisones in the management of these diseases. Such treatment is leading to several complications. Ayurveda gives many treatment modalities in the management of these diseases. A disease has to be approached correctly in order to treat it successfully. Depending on the pathology joint diseases can be classified mainly into Mechanical & Inflammatory, two types.

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Cure with VAMAN Print
Written by Dr.Sanjiv Kumar, Dr.Savita Sharma & Dr.Parveen Bansal   

Vamana and virechana are two cleansing procedures which are attracting scientists towards itself due to their potential role in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis etc.


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Keralite upanaha-svedan is dadi maa’s poultice Print
Written by Dr. Madhavi Seetha, Dr. O.P. Sharma & Dr. R.S. Sharma   

Ayurvedic texts classify Svedana (fomentation) in several types with different points of view. Upnaha Sveda is one of them. It is the process of poulticing or plastering or applying pastes upon the skin. It is very helpful in local pain and inflammation.

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AAM for aam adami Print
Written by Dr. Isha Bhalla   

Mangoes retain a special significance in the culture of South Asia where they have been cultivated for millennia. It has been the national fruit of India, Bangladesh and Philippines.

Reference of mangoes as the ”food of the gods” can be found in the Hindu Vedas and the leaves are ritually used for floral decorations at Hindu marriages and religious ceremonies. Experts have traced the origin of mango to the hills of Meghalaya, India from a 65 million year-old fossil of a mango leaf.


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Cobalt for Health Print
Written by Dr. Mahender Prasad   

Normal average diet contains about 5-8 micro gm of cobalt, which is more than the recommended daily allowance (1-2 micro gm of vitamin B12 contains approximately 0.045 to 0.09 micro gm of cobalt). It is found in animals and not present in vegetables. Its absorption is 70-80% of dietary cobalt; cobalt is stored mainly in the liver, being the principal storage site. Only trace amount present in other tissues. Food containing cobalt includes meat, milk, eggs, cabbage and sheep.

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Charismatic Cashew Print
Written by Dr. Gopesh Kumar N. Sharma   

In the plant kingdom generally the seed develops inside the fruit. But if you see a seed outside the fruit what you will say it is a Charisma! Here is one of them …amazingly, seed exists outside the fruit. It is yummy-yummy Kaju. Cashew nuts, like all nuts, are an excellent source of protein and fiber.

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Curing anxiety Ayurvedic Way Print
Written by Dr. Kousik Das Mahapatra   

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental disorders in the general population. Approximately one in four adults has anxiety disorders at some point in his life. Anxiety is an unpleasant state that involves a complex combination of emotions including fear, apprehension and worry.

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Written by Dr. Supriyo Chowdhuri   

20 facts you need to know about honey

1. Locally it heals the ulcers.
2. Old is Gold applies on Honey.
3. Honey should be avoided with heavy meals.
4. Honey helps to check the bleeding locally .
5. Honey is the best for pacifying Kapha & Pitta.
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20 Tips for Grahani Print
Written by Dr. Anup K. Gakkhar   

A person suffering from diarrhoea with a wrong food & wrong lifestyle not suitable to his / her constitution can make the “Agni” (digestive fire) low and imbalance the bio-energies, which leads to varied symptoms like anorexia, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, improper evacuation, bloating, the urge to pass wind or the urge to pass stool. This condition is known as Grahni in Ayurveda and following tips are helpful in the same.

1. Don’t sit in sun.
2. Use sesame oil.
3. Avoid use of milk.
4. Avoid taking bath.
5. Use dal of masoor.
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Food for Brain Print
Written by Nikhil Gakkhar   

Happiness is the transcending of both pleasure and pain. Divine is he who has overcome both good & evil Calmness is a steady flow of the mind towards God. Self restraint is control of the organs of sense. Patience is bearing the burden of life cheerfully. Excellence of character arises from disregard of worldly considerations. The highest charity is refraining from violence. Heaven is the domination of satwa in the mind. Hell is the predominance of tamas. Learned is he who identifies himself with the body. Ignorant is he who identifies himself with his body. Austerity is the giving up of desire. Velour is the conquest of one’s own self. Modesty is abhorrence of evil deeds. The greatest strength is the control of pain. The greatest gift is the gift of knowledge. Renunciation is over coming the world. The right path is one which leads to God. The wrong path is that which causes restlessness of mind. He indeed is rich who is rich in virtues. Poor is he who is discontented. Mean is who is not master of his sense. Godly is he who is not attached to objects of sense.

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Rasayanas from Europe SEA BUCKTHORN Print
Written by Dr. Andreea Daniela & Dr Sanjeev Sood   

Sea Buckthorn on the vine.Sea Buckthorn is so well known and appreciated in Europe and western countries as an exceptional revitalizer and mineralizer that it can be considered one of the best western Rasayana herb parallel to Amla. It is native from northwestern Europe, through central Asia to the Altai Mountains to western and northern China and the northern Himalayas.

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