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Written by Dr. Sandhya Singh & Dr. Mahendra Singh Meena   

It's a known fact that each and every activity in the body could not take place without the harmonious involvement of tridosha. There are the intrinsic factors, which become excited and imbalanced, causing morbidities. Among the noted health problems, hypertension is a most troublesome disease in present era, considered as a great enemy to mention and also known as a silent or hidden killer.
Over 10% people of India are affected with hypertension, majority of them are from urban areas. Gradually it damages the Tri Marmas (the vital parts of our body) and lead to death.

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Written by Dr. Suman Ahuja, Dr. Nur Mohammad Iqbal Chowdhury, Dr. C. B. Sharma   


With the changing life style of 21st century polycystic ovarian syndrome is emerging as one of the common causes of infertility. For a woman regular menstruation is an indication of normal functioning of her reproductive system. Irregular menstruation, which is a main symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome, is very distressing for a woman. Infertility is the outcome of polycystic ovarian syndrome in 80% of cases and sometimes leads to psychiatric problems like mental depression in females.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is defined as the presence of chronic anovulation and hyperandrogenism. Chronic anovulation means that a woman is not ovulating, or releasing an egg, monthly. This typically leads to "missed" or "skipped" periods.
Hyperandrogenism seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome is an excess of "male" hormones (androgens) such as testosterone and androstenedione. Increased androgens can be detected by elevated levels in the blood, or by clinical manifestations of polycystic ovarian syndrome that include Hirsutism and / or acne.

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Written by Megha   

Fruit juice consumption overall in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA has increased in recent years, probably due to public perception of juices as a healthy natural source of nutrients and increased public interest in health issues.
Juices are often consumed for their health benefits. For example, orange juice is rich in vitamin C, while prune juice is associated with a digestive health benefit. Cranberry juice has long been known to help prevent or even treat bladder infections, and it is now known that a substance in cranberries prevents bacteria from binding to the bladder.

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CONCEPTION to DELIVERY In Ayurvedic Way Print
Written by Dr. Manoj Sharma   

Preparing for a newborn child is one of the most paramount phases in one's life. Becoming a father or mother for the first time is a thrilling experience. Ayurveda, has in it ample potential to help the parent to get a handsome and withy child.
Expectant mother desirous of having baby should start preparing right from the 1st day of menstrual cycle. She should follow complete abstinence, weeping, sleeping during day time, running, laughing loudly, talking, hearing loud voices should be avoided. She should lead a simple life, avoiding sex for three days after being free from the cycle; she should see her husband after taking a bath etc. Thought of any other person should not come in mind. Holy prayers should be performed. Surroundings should be fragranced. Expectant father should see his wife, after following abstinence at least for one month. Ghee, Shali rice, milk should be a part of his diet. Woman too should be oleated with oil, and have urd dal and oil. She must be voluntarily accepting pregnancy.

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Spice of Life HALDI Print
Written by Dr. Suprit Gupta   

Turmeric is known as the “golden spice” as well as the “spice of life.” It has been used in India as a medicinal plant, and held sacred from time immemorial. Turmeric has strong associations with the socio-cultural life of the people of the Indian subcontinent. This “earthy herb of the Sun” with the orange-yellow rhizome was regarded as the “herb of the Sun” by the people of the Vedic period.

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Healing with Flaxseeds Print
Written by Kavita Wadhwa   

Flaxseeds or Linseeds as they are also called are seeds of a plant which grows up to a metre high and bears blue coloured flowers in the early months of every year. In the northern part of our country we know them as Alsi ke beej. Both the seeds themselves and the oil extracted from them have numerous therapeutic uses. Their nutritional benefits are due to their being a rich source of good quality fats and natural fiber.
The Flaxseed oil is a potent source of essential fatty acids-- those that are critical to health but which the body cannot make on its own. Apart from having Omega-6 fatty acids in the form of linoleic acid (the same good fats that are present in most other edible vegetable oils), flaxseed oil boasts of containing Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of alfa- linoleic acid.

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A to Z about Mulethi Print
Written by Dr Chakrapany Sharma   

Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is also known as "sweet root". The word “Glycyrrhiza “is made from two Greek words: Glykys, meaning "sweet" and Rhiza, meaning "root". Licorice root has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to liver disease. Licorice is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs and is found in numerous traditional formulas. The Liquorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid which is approximately 50 times sweeter than sugar. Its genus name, Glycyrrhiza, given by first century Greek physician Dioscorides, comes from glukos (sweet) and riza (root). In Ayurveda it called Madhuyashti or Yashtimadhu. It is widely distributed in warmer part of the Mediterranean region, North Africa, Spain, Italy, Greece, Syria, South Russia and to Asia Minor, Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Siberia, China, India, and East Central Asia. It is cultivated in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Spain, China, and Burma also to a small extent in India. In India it is cultivated in the Punjab; sub Himalayan Tracts from the Chenab Eastwards, Sindh and Peshawar Valley and Andman Islands.

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Giloy is Amrita Print
Written by Dr. Sanjeev Sood & R.D. Gupta   

Dr. Sanjeev Sood
Ph. : +91-9814004142

Giloy is one of the most useful ayurvedic herb which acts as tonic and aphrodisiac, it is also an antihelminthic, anti-arthritic, anti-periodic, anti-pyretic, blood purifier, cardiac, carminative, digestive, diuretic an expectorant, stomachic, rejuvenating, appetizing and anti-inflammatory.

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Health in Your Hands Print
Written by Dr. Sanjeev Sood   

10 Mudras for Amazing Health Benefits

Mudras are extremely useful for the health of various organs, glands and the nervous system. Different diseases and maladies of the body can also be cured by exercising Mudras and Bandhas. According to the masters of Hatha-Yoga, Mudras are helpful in awakeing the kundlini power.

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How much water do you need a day? Print
Written by Malkiat S. Grewal   

The average adult loses about 2.5 litres water daily through perspiration, breathing and elimination. Symptoms of the body's deterioration begin to appear when the body loses 5% of its total water volume. In a healthy adult, this is seen as fatigue and general discomfort, whereas for an infant, it can be dehydrating.

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10 Facts you need to know Before Starting Yoga Print
Written by Dr. Chander Shekhar Sharma   

1. Take some space: In a typical yoga class, place the mats facing the front of the room in a loose grid. It's best not to line up your mat exactly with the one next to it because you and your neighbour will need some space in certain poses.
You may start yoga by chanting "om" three times, there may be a breathing exercise or short meditation at the start of yoga .
This is followed by warm-up poses, more vigorous poses, then stretches and final relaxation.

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Written by Bulbul khetarpal & Abha Khetarpal   

Several seals discovered at Indus Valley Civilization (c. 33001700 BC) sites depict figures in a yoga- or meditation-like posture, "a form of ritual discipline, suggesting a precursor of yoga."

Goals can range from improving health and fitness, to reaching Moksha.Within the monist schools of Advaita Vedanta and Shaivism this perfection takes the form of Moksha, which is liberation from all worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and death


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Vegetable Meat JACKFRUIT Print
Written by Dr.Kamla R. Nagar & Dr. Rakesh K. Nagar   

It is a rich source of complex carbohydrate, dietary fiber, vitamins like vitamin A, C and certain B vitamins, and minerals like calcium, zinc, and phosphorous. They contain lignans, isoflavones, saponins, that are called phytonutrients and their health benefits are wide-ranging from anti-cancer to antihypertensive, anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-ulcer, etc.

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10 Big Mistakes Parents Make Print
Written by Divya Sawhney   

When you're too lazy to adequately discipline your kids, you pass the little devil you've created on to your relatives, coaches, teachers, and his friend's parents. It's not OK to let your kids treat your house like it was a Jump Planet because that's exactly how they'll treat other people's homes.

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How stress can affect your memory Print
Written by Dr. Manju Dewan   

One of the most basic behavioral differences between men and women is how they respond to stress. Men often react to stress with a "fight-or-flight" response, but women are more likely to manage their stress with a "tend-and-befriend" response. Females respond to stressful conditions by protecting and nurturing their young (the "tend" response), and by seeking social contact and support from others especially other females (the "befriend" response).

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Your child is asthmatic ? Print
Written by Dr. Satish Kumar M.D. & Dr. Kousik Dass Mahapatra   

Use these home remedies as adjuvant

Patients and their family may have a history of asthma, atopic dermatitis, and allergic rhinitis. In fact, a number of studies have shown that a majority of children who develop asthma have allergies as a trigger for the asthma. Often a child develops eczema, and then develops allergic nasal symptoms "hay fever" and then asthma.

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20Tips for Health Print
Written by Dr. Anup K. Gakkhar   

1. Butter is useful in piles.
2. Don't take food at sunset.
3. Don't take food in a hurry
4. Don't take barely at night
5. Don't take excessive rough food.

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Chanakya Said.... Print
Written by Divya Sawhneyb   
  • A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first.
  • Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous.
  • The biggest guru-mantra is: Never share your secrets with anybody. If you cannot keep secret with you , do not expect that other will keep it. ! It will destroy you.
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Laughter is the best medicine Print
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