20 Tips for Grahani
Written by Dr. Anup K. Gakkhar   

A person suffering from diarrhoea with a wrong food & wrong lifestyle not suitable to his / her constitution can make the “Agni” (digestive fire) low and imbalance the bio-energies, which leads to varied symptoms like anorexia, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, improper evacuation, bloating, the urge to pass wind or the urge to pass stool. This condition is known as Grahni in Ayurveda and following tips are helpful in the same.

1. Don’t sit in sun.
2. Use sesame oil.
3. Avoid use of milk.
4. Avoid taking bath.
5. Use dal of masoor.
6. Avoid use of ginger.
7. Don’t wake at night.
8. Use fruits of jamun.
9. Don’t use cow urine.
10. Restrict use of water.
11. Avoid use of sugarcane.
12. Avoid physical exertion.
13. Don’t do hot fomentation.
14. Abstain from the use of garlic.
15. Don’t use dal of urd, and peas.
16. Use cumin seeds. Make use of honey.
17. Don’t use fruits of mango, ber, coconut.
18. Don’t suppress the urge for micturition and defecation.
19. Avoid vegetables like bathua, bottle guard, jimikand & makoy.
20. Take curd made of cow milk, extract butter out of it and use the same.