Written by Dr. Supriyo Chowdhuri   

20 facts you need to know about honey

1. Locally it heals the ulcers.
2. Old is Gold applies on Honey.
3. Honey should be avoided with heavy meals.
4. Honey helps to check the bleeding locally .
5. Honey is the best for pacifying Kapha & Pitta.
6. Honey should never be heated for internal use.
7. Smoking is strictly prohibited after intake of Honey.
8. Regular use of honey with Triphala improves eyesight .
9. Honey should be avoided in summers and at warm places.
10. Honey is highly useful in emesis and Niruha type of enema.
11. In spring regularly take 1 2 tea spoon of honey for Kapha.
12. Excessive use causes stubborn type of indigestion (Ajirna).
13. Due to synergistic (Yogvahi) quality it is a good aphrodisiac.
14. On burn injuries due to alkali local application of honey helps.
15. In excessive thrust and burning sensation of mouth Honey gargles are useful.
16. Internal use of Ghee with Honey in equal amounts is strictly contraindicated .
17. For cleansing teeth Trikatu and or Trijatak should be rubbed with pure honey.
18. Triphala or Guduch or Haritaki Used with honey plus water helps to reduces weight.
19. Honey with Triphala & water is most recommended Kaphaj disorders of throat and eye.
20. Large servings of Honey should be avoided because of heavy, rough, cold & astringent properties.
Dept. of Basic Principles (Samhita),
Dayanand Ayurvedic College & Hospital
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