Book Review
Written by Dr. Sanjeev Sood   

Dr. Pooja Sabharwal has brilliantly explored the ancient science of Chakras and its relation with the cosmic field in healing of cancer. The book reflects a perfect synchronization between the theory of Tridosha and biochemical assays in cancer. Dr. Pooja has beautifully described the different theories related to Shad Chakras and its relation with our endocrine system. Healing cancer through balancing the Chakras using the principles of quantum physics is an innovative approach. But on the other flip of coin, the book lacks its printing values, illustrations, grammatical approach & paper quality. Therefore the book lacks the presentation to meet the international standards.




Title : Spiritual Healing for Cancer Through Chakras
Author : Dr. Pooja Sabharwal
Pages : 138
Price : Rs. 160/-
Publisher : Chaukhambha Orientalia
Post Box No. 1032
Gokul Bhawan, K. 37/109, Gopal Mandir Lane
Golghar, Maidagin
Varanasi-221001 (U.P.) India.