10 Benefits of Cardamom

The botanical name of Cardamom is “Elettaria cardamomum” and it belongs to family Scitaminaceae zingiberceae. Ayurvedic texts mention two types of Cardamom namely suksma (Small Cardamom) and brihat (Big Cardamom). The small variety is commonly used as medicine whereas the big Variety is mostly used in Spices. Cardamom grows in Humid forests of India and is cultivated throughout the country. It is a large perennial herb with thick fleshy or woody rhizome which in turn gives off fibrous roots below.   Ayurvedic Energetics Taste - Pungent and sweet Post digestive effect - Sweet Potency - Cold . Attributes - Light and Dry.   Ten Benefits of Cardamom 1. To increase appetite: To increase appetite, appetizers are used as a food or drink that stimulates the appetite and is usually served before a meal. Cardamom is best appetiser, vermicide and improves the sensation of taste.   2. Offensive breath: Halitosis is the Medical term use for bad breath. Halitosis basically refers to the unpleasant odors emanating from the mouth, intensity of which differs according to food eaten such as garlic, onion,redmeat, fish etc. It is generally worse upon awakening (morning breath) because anaerobic bacterica in the mouth had hours to proliferate and produce volatiles. Cardamom is an effective gargle in bad smell of oral cavity and other dental ailments .    

3. Vomiting: It is the Invountary, Forceful expulsion of content of stomach through mouth and sometimes nose. It can be caused by wide variety of conditions e.g gastritis, Tumours etc. Vomiting due to vitiated kapha mitigated with Cardamom Powder and honey Cardamom decoction effectively controls Vomiting and Improves digestion.

4. Flatulence: Excess gas in the Intestinal tract is termed as flatulence. Symptomatic Patients have recorded frequency of 14 passages of gas per 24 hours. In flatulence due to vata, Cardamom is best carminative commonly used.
5. Expectorant: Expectorant is the medication that helps bring up mucus and other materials from the Lungs, bronchi and trachea. The Combination of Cardamom and Sunthi (0.5gm each) given along with honey, wards off the blocked phlegm in cough.
The roasted fruits skin of Cardamom Powdered & Mixed ghee and sugar effectively controls the bouts of cough.
6. Headache: Paste of small Cardamom is applied in headache caused to vitiated Kapha.
7. Toothache: Cardamom oil is used with great benefits in toothache due to infections.
8. Augments seminal Fluids: Semen is the fluid that is released through penis during orgasm. Semen is made up of fluid & Sperm. The fluid comes from Prostrate, Seminal vesicles & others sex glands. Sperms are manufactured in the testicles. Seminal fluids help transport sperm which Contains sugar as an energy source for sperm. Cardamom and hingu given with ghee and milk augments seminal fluids.
9. Painful urination: Painful urination is one of a constellation of infective bladder symptoms which includes urinary frequency and Haematuria (Blood in urine). Cardamom powder works well when given with honey.
10. Heavy & Prolonged menstrual flow: Abnormally heavy and Prolonged menstrual period at Regular intervals can be caused by abnormal Blood clothing, hormonal imbalance or disorders of endometrial lining of uterus.
The Mixture of Cardamom, Jatiphala, Kumkuma, Vamsalocana and Nagakesara, Sankhajiraka is recommended with ghee and rock candy along with milk.
Dr. Nishu Raina
Deputy Medical Superintendent,
Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar.