Ayurvedic treatment of ULCERATIVE COLITIS

Ulcerative colitis is a nonspecific inflammatory bowel disease of unknown cause that affects the mucosa of the colon and rectum. There is mild inflammation in less severe cases with process limited to the mucosa and superficial sub-mucosa, in severe there is more damage in deeper layers of colon. Risk factors: Oral contraceptive use, breast feeding, measles, infections and vaccination. Stress: The disease has a huge impact on psychology of the person as well. It is very depressing to see one's own blood going in the toilet. This leads to depression and negative thoughts about life. The patient becomes so restless that he is normal work routine is disturbed and the feeling of hopelessness and despair starts to cloud his mind all the time. So that's why it is important to keep the stress at the minimal level to attain state of remission and cure ulcerative colitis permanently. Yoga and ulcerative colitis: According to the science of yoga, the colitis is the result of reduced digestive capacity. The capacity of digestion is connected to the fire element and manipooraka chakra. Failure of functioning of intestine results in incomplete digestion of food comes out along with stool.  

Through yoga therapy both, prana urza and Jathargni can be enhanced. Following asana are helpful:

Diet and Lifestyle: Changes in lifestyle and diet may help to control symptoms and increase the time between flareup. If not the direct cause behind this disease, the flare up are certainly caused due to these factors. There are certain food items which causes ulcerations in the intestinal lining and certain food items can cause flare up in signs during attack. Some precautions advised like limiting dairy products, low fat foods, avoiding cream, sauces and fried foods, limiting fiber and avoiding stress.
Foods for ulcerative colitis: There are certain cooling herbs and food items which should be consumed in this dreadful disorder.
1. Coconut water is very good.
2. All bitter tasting vegetables are good. For eg: gourds, long gourds, pumpkin.
3. Pumpkin juice is excellent. Drink daily 20 ml.
4. Liquorice is good.
5. Plain grass juice is very good to stop bleeding and heal the ulcers.
6. Juice of marigold petals is beneficial.
Ayurvedic Medicine: There are combinations of various ayurvedic medicines which are found to be effective. These medicines not only helps to control bleeding but also stops the fermentation, pain, discomfort and heals the ulcers.
Herbs for ulcerative colitis
Kutaj: This is a wonderful tree. The name is also anti dysentrica. It is nature's wonder which has power to stop all sorts of diarrhoea. It helps to burn ama or endotoxins and stops inflammation and fermentation. The product called kutajghan vati is tablets made from the bark.
Pearls & Corals: Pitta is very much increased in ulcerative colitis and formulations prepared from pearls and corals resepectively mukta pishti and parval pishti are basically cooling and very good in decreasing pitta, anxiety and stress in the patient of ulcerative colitis. Mukta and parval are very effective in controlling the bleeding also.
Bilva: Bilva is tikta, kashaya, laghu and rooksha in guna. Unripe fruit is astringent, appetizer, digestant and antidiarrhoeal. it contains an active principle called Marmelocin. Roots have the property of tranquilizes nerves hence it is used in vata disorders, insomnia, epilepsy and hysteria. It cures dysentery and diarrhoea, removes pain.
Mochras: Mochras is gum or resin obtained from Shalmali (Salmali amalabarica). It is used diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, ulcerative colitis, gynaecological disorders and urinary tract infection. It is used as Piccha Basti in ulcerative colitis and shows excellent results.

Case Report on Ulcerative Colitis

Name : Yogesh Kumar Wason
Age : 34 / Male
Father's Name: Ram Saran
Address : B-X, 1230, Lamba Pind, Jalandhar.
Mobile : +91 92 16 944221
Patient came in the OPD of Dayanand Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Jalandhar on 15th June 2000 with complaint of bloody diarrhoea, mucous with stools, remarkable weight loss, urgency to pass stool and 4 gram hemoglobin, he was suffering from same symptoms for the 2 years and took treatment from many gastroentrologists with no relief. Apart from this he tried homeopathy and naturopathy treatments also.
Diagnosis: Patient was a diagnosed case of ulcerative colitis on the basis of endoscopy and biopsy.
Ayurvedic Herbs: He was given Bilva, kutja, mochrasa, muktapishti for 2 months.
Panchkarma Therapies: Shirodhara and piccha vasti was given to the patient for 20 days.
Result: Patient is free from all the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, since 5 years his haemoglobin is 13 gram and weight is 78 kilograms and not taking any medicine for ulcerative colitis.
Dr. Sanjeev Sood
Dr. Sanjeev Sood is Prof. & Head of Panchakarma Department at Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar and Visiting faculty to EISRA- Holland, ICAU-Belgium, Medicarom-Romania. Mob.:+919814004142 E-mail: drsanjeevsood@yahoo.com