Recommendations for future parents

In order for a pregnancy to go well and the baby to be healthy and vigorous, the couples who want to have a child will find the following recommendations very useful. Moreover, the recommendations reduce or eliminate the causes of infertility. Therefore, this is also addressed to couples who have difficulties to conceive. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, recommend that the conception should be made whenever the physical and psycho-emotional health of the both parents is best. A bad mood at that time may have a negative impact on child development. For example, their anxiety and excessive worrying can be reflected in the child by increased shyness or difficulty in other aspects. Even if there are some who say that a meat-free diet during pregnancy can harm the fetus, experts advice that babies born from ovo-lacto-vegetarians mothers are just as healthy as every other child. For womens, the diet during six months before conception should be composed of foods having pungent as main taste (very rich in spices) and secondary taste - sour, along with regular consumption of cold-potency oils (sunflower, sesame, olive, grape seed oils etc.). This will stimulate the production of female hormones.      


From their diet, men will completely eliminate spicy foods and drinks. The recommended foods are those with natural sweet taste, milk, butter, ghee, rice, mung beans etc, to be extensively eaten.
Four to six weeks before the planned time of conception, it is recommended that the parents should undergo a purification procedure to eliminate toxins from the body. Its purpose is to purify the entire body, including the sexual fluids directly involved in the conception. This will endow the newborn with a very good health both during pregnancy and also his entire life. Poor quality of these fluids will provide weak genes to childrens.
This therapy stimulates fertility and it is especially indicated to couples who experience failures to conceive even after repeated attempts. As an authentic therapy recommended by Ayurveda. It is more difficult to undergo and requires direct supervision of a well-trained doctor. Here is a simplified version of this therapy, that can be done at home.
In morning before eating anything, apply an oil massage all over body, let the oil stay on the skin for 15 minutes, then take a hot shower. It is forbidden to use soap or shower gel because they are not entirely natural. If you want to remove excess fat from the skin, it is adviced to use a paper towel. Then, the main procedure consists of administering a purgative remedy: 40 ml castor oil or highly concentrated buckthorn tea (2 tablespoons herb to 250 ml water). Otherwise one can use any laxative herbal infusion. Immediately, this will trigger few loose stools that will remove the toxins accumulated in the body.
After the procedure, the first meal will be taken only when the sensation of hunger appears, it consists of a rice porridge with some butter added. The entire day, it is important to consume only warm and liquid food, hot cereal porridge and to avoid meat, acidulated drinks, fruits or raw vegetables. Drink only warm water or tea.
After this procedure it is recommended to undergo total abstinence until the act of conception. In this way, the genital organs have sufficient time to regenerate and to produce reproductive fluids of good quality. Infertile women should perform in addition, frequent vaginal douches with 50 ml of warm milk or ghee. It is important for the milk or ghee to stay inside for 15 minutes.
Ayurvedic treaties state that the parents who follow the above indications will have a healthy, vigorous baby with good complexion and endowed with great intelligence.
Dr. Shilpy Jetly
Associate Professor,
DAV IPT & R, Jalandhar.