20 Benefits of Ghee & Oil

Use of ghee and oil finds a specific mention in the ayurvedic texts Ghee, oil and muscle fat and bone marrow are the best unction substances of all. Amongst them desi ghee is the unctuous substances par excellence because of its power to assimilate effectively the properties of other substances. Various references are there in the ayurvedic texts about the uses of ghee and oil. In ayurveda the word ghee is used for ghee made from cow milk and oil means til oil. Some of the uses mentioned in the texts are. 1. Ghee enhances intellect. 2. Ghee should be kept in iron vessels. 3. Body becomes strong with massage. 4. Don’t take cold things after taking ghee. 5. Head, ear and feet should be massaged daily. 6. Obese persons should use oil in place of ghee. 7. Massage with fragrant oil according to season. 8. For unction use ghee at daytime and oil at night. 9. Don’t use honey and ghee mixed in equal quantity. 10. Cow milk’s ghee is most useful in enhancing intellect 11. Sesamum (til) oil is best in maintaining strength of body. 12. Application of oil at nasal opening helps in head diseases.

13. Schizophrenic (unmad) patients should use ghee in plenty.
14. Use of ghee in autumn and oil in rainy season is beneficial.
15. When there is heaviness in the body don’t massage with oil.
16. Old ghee promotes digestion, semen, ojus and checks insanity
17. In case of fever, cough and diarrhea restrict the use of ghee, oil etc.
18. A person having low digestive fire should avoid taking ghee and oil.
19. Persons having difficulty in micturition should take profuse quantity of ghee.
20. Persons suffering from diabetes, skin diseases and gout should take unction in moderate quantity.
Head,deptt of Samhita, Sanskrit & Siddhanta
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