Any Time Is Yoga Time

How to train KG students in KAPAAL BHATI (ALAK YOG) If Yoga is taught in small age, it is very useful for the future of a child. Kapaal Bhati is the tactis of Yoga which cures maximum of the health problems concerning to stomach and other allied ones besides it, the Kapaal Bhati also increases the speed of gaining the vital oxygen in the body. This oxygen does many positive effects in the internal systems of the body. The proper jerks to be taught to the children for Kapaal Bhati with pressure to the internal systems of stomach looks to be difficult although it is not so in every case but in the age group of 3 to 4 years it requires some patience. In Alak Yog we start training the nursery students with alphabets of Hindi language along with the soft moments of Kapaal Bhati with pressurised sound Haa..Haa. The following sounds of vowels may be pronounced by giving more and more practice for about 5 minutes. Students/Children may be advised to be very straight while sitting on the floor with a less soft carpet. Be sure I mean to teach them to be normal to the earth in the other words the spinal cord must be straight with a direction to keep the neck softly tight and straight. The next thing is to be taught is that, Learners should keep the arms straight by holding their knees.

Now the final lesson is to be given is that, ask the students to pronounce the following vowels -

A…AA E…EE U…UU AE…AAE O…OO ANG.ANG, in the sound with HA HAA so that the sound should come with the help of naval, lungs and throat, like the following manner. It is difficult to write but is very simple to pronounce and to teach


Repeat above with a little longer sound for about 5 minute or as your time limits or easiness permit. If possible after this tactis of ALAK YOG do Shav Asan i.e. lay down like a dead body with thought less mind.

This exercise makes the respiratory system free from any obstacling problem of dry cough etc. So it is very useful to cure, asthama and all early stages of T B. When carbon dioxide is pumped out through nostrils in plenty, this process purifies the blood because of intaking of fresh air containing oxygen. The body cells become more active.



Coeditor Yoga Seelim