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Q. 1. I am an software engineer in a multinational company and working as a senior executive from the last 4 years. I am suffering from diabetes which remains under control with medicine. Kindly suggest some ayurvedic treatment. Ans. You looks to be a middle aged person. Diabetes is mostly a hereditary disease. But stress full job conditions and sedatory life style can produce diabetes in patients having no family history of diabetes. You need to reduce your stress full work load. You must walk at least 45 minutes alongwith light to moderate exercise half of your principle meals should consist of salads like, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, radish etc. You can take low sugar contents fruits like apple, guava, papaya etc. also along with salads. You must not take milk, curd, cheese and meat of animals developed in captivity, chilled water and fried food should also be avoided. Rather than 3 principles meals you should take 5-6 small meals.

Recommended Ayurvedic herbs are:
Neem leaves fresh 15-20 daily or dry neem leaves/bark/ fruits powder 5 gm. Three times a day with water. Alternatively neem capsules (extract) 500 mg. three times a day. Karela powder 5 gm. Three times a day or karela extract capsules 1-2 capsules three times a day. Methi (fenugreek) seeds 10 gm. 2 to 3 times a day or methi extract capsules 1-2 capsules three times a day depending upon severity. Turmeric powder 5 gm. twice daily, Jamun seeds powder 3-4 gm. Three time a day, For relief of job related irritability and stress cap. Ashwagandha or cap. Brahami 1-2 capsules a day is useful. Meditation at bed time or early morning reduces stress and diabetes. Shilajit capsules 1 capsule 2-3 times a day not only helps to manage diabetes but also provides general tonic effect to diabetes patients.
Q.2 : My son is 22 years old, from childhood he used to have frequent attacks of cold & cough and nasal congestion particularly in change of season and winters. Now he quite often feels problem of cough, and difficulty in breathing doctors have diagnosed it as allergic asthma. Kindly suggest some Ayurvedic remedies.
Ans. Allergic Asthma or bronchitis is a disease of lungs which is due to constriction of lung tubes because of allergic or other reasons. Allergy causing substances are quite large in number and it is impossible to eradicate them from surroundings. However general body immunity and specific strengthening of respiratory system and lungs can be done through Ayurvedic remedies. Some of them are follows:
Take Amla juice of 5-10 amlas daily. In off seasons when fresh amla is not available take dry amla powder 4-6 gm. three times a day. Those who find it difficult to take amla powder can take tablet/capsule of amla extract. 10-20 leaves of tulsi taken daily alongwith amla also helps. It acts as body tonic as well as anti allergic and relieves cold and nasal congestion. 10-20 black pipers, fresh ginger juice or dry ginger powder, powder of piper longum (Magan/pipali) is also useful. Vasaka leaves powder 3-4 gm. three times a day liquifies bronchial secretions and helps their expectoration (coughing out). Honey can also be taken 1 spoon three times a day. These are general measures for Asthama, more specific drugs like Talishadi churan, pushkarmool churan, Shwas kuthar ras etc. can also be taken under Ayurvedic physician’s guidance. Milk, pickles, curd, sauce, chilled water, banana, lemon should be generally avoided.
Q. 3 : My daughter is 16 years and studies in 10th class. She lacks interest in studies and her memory has gone weak since around one year. Can Ayurvedic remedies help her?
Ans.: Weak memory and lack of interest in studies is a common problem in some of the school children who are over stressed and do not exert well physically. She must walk 45 minutes a day and do physical exercise, it will reduce her stress level and improve memory. She must eat plenty of fruits and salads. Other remedies include almonds 10-20 daily, walnuts 2-4 daily, desi ghee 5-10 gm., cucumber, lauki, water melon, musk melon seeds together (charo magaz) 10-15 gm. a day, popy seeds (khaskhas) 2-4 gm. daily, massage of soles of the feet and head with Badam rogun or seasame oil is useful. Brahmi leaves powder, ashwagandha powder, jatamansi, shankpushpi, petha also helps to improve memory. Shirodhara - a Panchkarma procedure is very useful. Capsule Smriti (DAV product) is a patent medicine for such type of problems.
Disclaimer: Remedies suggested through this column are general in nature and may not suit every person. It is better to take any treatment under supervision of qualified Ayurvedic physician.

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