Ayurvedic Management of Blemishes

Blemishes are characterized by brown patches of face, usually found on either side of the nose that occurs most often in women. It is more commonly seen in the people of fair complexion but can also occur in dark complexion people. It is influenced by hormonal changes, hence found during puberty, during pregnancy, in people with hormone replacement therapy and by using oral contraceptive pills. It is triggered or worsened by sun exposure. So blemishes are patches that is influenced by hormones usually found in people with fair complexion.    

Facial blemishes occur when pores clog with dead skin cells and sebum. In Ayurveda blemishes can be correlated by Vyanga. This word is derived from the root worse-vi+anga. Vi refers to vikriti that is dearrangement and anga refers to normal body part. Acharya Charak defined this disorder as the disease which manifests over the face due to vitiation of vata and pitta resulting a painless, thin and bluish black brown circular patches. Vyanga (blemishes )are hyper-pigmentation disorder of facial skin with localized discoloration. It is typically a pitta imbalanced disorder.

Causative factors for Blemishes

1. Suppression of vomiting

2. Heavy facial exercises immediately after food

3. Excessive fear anger and grief

4. Exposure to intense heat

5. Increase in esterogen and progesterone in blood

6. Endocrinal and genetic disorder

7. Frequent exposure of cosmetics and perfumes

8. Day sleep

9. Wrong food combinations

10. Chronic liver diseases

11. Tremendous stress

12. Taking new medication

13. Use of brush

14. Frequent touching of face

Features of Blemishes

1. Skin becomes rough with bluish black spot.

2. Usually found on either side of the nose

3. Brown patches of face.

Ayurvedic management

1. Avoiding causative factors

2. Blood letting treatment

3. External application

4. Oil massage

5. Ayurvedic Nasal drops

6. Oral medications to purify blood

7. Removing excess oil from your face can help reduce facial blemishes

8. Washing the face can remove both oil and bacteria on the skin

9. Avoid scrubbing too hard or washing your face

Home Remedies for Blemishes

1. Lemon juice: Lemon juice works as an excellent skin-lightening home remedy to reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation due to its bleaching effect. Its high citric acid content exfoliates the skin.

2. Tomato Juice: Being rich in vitamin c and antioxidants, tomato juice is excellent for creating glowing and blemish-free skin.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and hence lightens dark spots and blemishes.

4. Potato: Potato juice contains starch that helps to reduce pigmentation. It also diminishes dark circles under eyes.

5. Fuller’s Earth Application: Fuller’s earth, also known as multani mitti, is great for exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells and get rid of blemishes. 6. Aloe Vera- The succulent aloe vera gel contains polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of new skin cells and help heal scars and blemishes.

Herbs used in the treatment of blemishes

1. Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum

2. Sariva Hemidesmus indicus

3. Manjistha Rubia Cardifolia

4. Turmeric Curcuma longa

5. Chandan Santalum Album

6. Lodhra Simplocos Resimosa

7. Amla Amblica Officinalis

8. Daru haridra Barberis Aristata

9. Chopchini Smilax china

10. Mundi Sphaeranthus indicus

11. Shinshapa Dalbergia sisso

12. Suranjan Colchicum luteum

13. Amalaki Emblica officinalis

14. Kumkum Crocus sativus

15. Ketak Pandanus odorotissimus

External application

1. Cumcumadi oil

2. Eladi Tailum

3. Lodhradi lepa

4. Motulingadi lepa

5. Haridradi lepa

6. Khadiradi lepa

7. Kanakshiri taila

Classical ayurvedic medicines

1. Kumaryasava

2. Chandanasava

3. Mahamanjishthadi kwath

4. Chandraprabhavati

5. Sarivadyasava

6. Lodhrasava

7. Kaishora gugglu

8. Khadirarishta

9. Gandhak rasayana

10. Godantibhasma

11. Jeevantyadi yamakam