Preparing for a newborn child is one of the most paramount phases in one's life. Becoming a father or mother for the first time is a thrilling experience. Ayurveda, has in it ample potential to help the parent to get a handsome and withy child. Expectant mother desirous of having baby should start preparing right from the 1st day of menstrual cycle. She should follow complete abstinence, weeping, sleeping during day time, running, laughing loudly, talking, hearing loud voices should be avoided. She should lead a simple life, avoiding sex for three days after being free from the cycle; she should see her husband after taking a bath etc. Thought of any other person should not come in mind. Holy prayers should be performed. Surroundings should be fragranced. Expectant father should see his wife, after following abstinence at least for one month. Ghee, Shali rice, milk should be a part of his diet. Woman too should be oleated with oil, and have urd dal and oil. She must be voluntarily accepting pregnancy.  

Contraindications after conception : After conception, sex, exercise, dieting & malnutrition, sleeping during day, awakening during night, traveling, fearing, difficult postures, oleation, fomentation etc., blood letting & controlling natural urges should be avoided.
All kinds of heavy, hot & spicy foods, hard work should be abstained & wearing of red clothes should be avoided due to some superstitions. Pregnant lady should be given even unfavorable things of her interest by mixing them with favorable things, So that strong desire calms down. If she does not get things of her interest than due to controlling desires alleviated Vayu moves deep the body & enters into uterus & can destroy the fetus.
Pregnant lady should remain happy, pure, wearing white cloths, keeping peace with good deeds, worshiping God, serving the ideal persons from the very first day of pregnancy. She should not touch unhygienic & vitiated parts of the body, unpleasant & aggressive stories should be avoided. She should also avoid going outside, staying under trees of grave yard, anger & fear, similarly talking loudly, laughing loudly etc. also the barriers in pregnancy should be left. She should not use whole body packs & massage with oil again & again. She should avoid the work which is harmful to her. The things told in Grabhavakranti chapter should also be avoided. Soft bedding should be used for sitting & sleeping. The bed should not be very high, it should be having a good base, should be painless. The food must be fluid form, strengthening, lubricating & full of appetizers. According to Charak Samhita a pregnant lady should follow the prescribed monthly regimen.

First month: If woman is suspecting pregnancy, in first month she should have chilled milk. In morning & evening she should have food, which she like most.
Second month: Milk mixed with the plants of madhurgana & favorable food.
Third month : Milk, honey & desi ghee in unequal amount.
Fourth month: about 2 tola (20 gms.) butter mixed with milk.
Fifth month : Desi Ghee mixed in milk.
Sixth month: Drugs told in Madhurgana mixed with milk which contains ghee.
Seventh month: Same as of sixth month.
Eighth month: Cooked in milk mixed with ghee should be given time to time.
Ninth month: Anuvasan vasti should be given to the pregnant woman containing drugs of madhurgana in Til tail. Cotton swab dipped in some oil should be placed deep in vagina to lubricate the path.
Sushruta samhita another text has given following directions.
In first three month: Pregnant woman should have sweet & light diet. Some people say that Sathi rice with milk should be eaten. In fourth month with curd, in fifth month with milk & in sixth month with ghee.
In fourth to seventh month: Fourth month butter mixed in milk should be eaten & soup of flesh of animals living in desert region & food which is beneficial for heart.
In fifth month: Gokhru mixed with ghee.
In seventh month: Ghee prepared with Prithakparni which is for growth of foetus.
In eighth month: Bala, Atibala, Saunf, Palal, Milk, curd water, oil Madanphal, honey & ghee mixed in decoction of ber, as anuvasan vasti. It is good for purification of old wastes & anuloman of vayu. After it anuvasan with tail prepared with milk & drugs of Madhurgana. Delivery is easy & without any complication with anuloman of vayu.
After it lubricating Yavagu & different soups should be used for treatment till time of delivery.
Our ancient says have given us very important guidelines and these should be followed to achieve better results.

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