Healing With Massage

Massage is not rubbing or pressing of the body or application of oil alone myth among ordinary people is rubbing body with or without oil is sufficient for massage. To achieve complete advantage from massage one needs to understand the systematic way of doing massage. The masseur should be of calm and peaceful temperament. The act of massaging is an act of giving therefore calls for a selfless attitude. Select a comfortable place with enough light and ventilation. If possible, sunlight should seep into the room. Massage should start from soles of the feet and moves toward heart, this enables the veins, which carry impure blood to the heart to function better. In cases of cold massage, correct direction is from the head towards toes. Cold massage stimulates the arteries. Auto message or self-massage should never be done in standing position. Sit and start massaging from the soles of the feet towards head.  


Massage Movements:
It’s directly acts on the three systems of the body.
The lymphatic system is one which is directly involved in massage. The lymph flows through the lymphatic ducts and nodes. It does not flow through capillaries.
The lymph and blood flows side by side. All muscles float in thelymphatic fluid. The lymph node assists in the circulation of the blood by draining excess liquid from blood stream and ease work load of Heart. The lymph nodes are located underneath all the joints of the body. Thus through circular movements one can stimulate lymph flow and generate heat through friction and thus clean and vitalizes the body. Massage in all ways increase body temperature and excites the circulation of blood in the body. In the same way, it also works with the fine network of nerves lying underneath the skin and excites the nervous system. This also serves as a cleanser and provides the nerves with nourishment.
Guidelines for massage
1. Most suitable time is early morning between 5 AM to 9 AM
2. Duration of massage differs from person to person. New born baby should be massage for 15 minutes daily, Infants unto 3 year 15 to 20 minutes, young and old people’s up to 45 minutes. Abdominal massage should be done for 5 min. only if required & should be done empty stomach
3. On completion of the massage both the subject & the masseur should relax in corpse posture.
4. For pregnant woman massage should be given very carefully & it should be given for as long a time as woman desires. After delivery massage is must.
5. Foot massage is highly praised in Ayurveda. There is nothing more healing and effective than foot massage before sleeping. The foot massages really preserve human beings from diseases and troubles. It is said that the soles of the feet contain end parts of all the organisms. Feet discharge energy, which give Spiritual power to man.
Right selection of oils
Narayan & Mahanarayan Tail are excellent for vata disorders like sciatica, rheumatic, facial Paralysis & helps woman in conception, if taken orally.
Gandhaka Tailam. Excellent in itch and scabies
Coconut oil excellent for scabies and dandruffs in scalp.
Nilibhringadi Tailem excellent for growth of hair and alopecia.
Kumkumadi Tailem Excellent for pimples acne and blemishes on face
Anu Tail is excellent for diseases above the neck
Benefits of Massage
Soothes and enables the nerve & pulse to function properly.
Increase circulation of the blood.
Strengthens the vital organs.
Improves skin.
Regulate digestive system.
Cures diseases such and polio and paralysis.
Helps athletes, Gymnasts and soldiers.
Strengthens bones.
Relieves some problem ailments on old ages.
Reduce swelling and thickening of tissues.
Facilitates the assimilation of nutrients in food.
Reduces obesity.
As indicated in Ayurveda, Oleation therapy alleviates vata, softens the body and disintegrates the adhered material in the channels of circulation.
1. Head, P.G. Deptt. of Basic principles
2. MD Scholar R. G. G. P. G. Ay. College,
Paprola [H.P]