Mother's Milk First Source of Life

Breast Feeding is a natural activity for a mother It requires patience, experimenting and sometimes asking for help. The best way to begin is having an experienced person guiding the mother. Breast milk is a optimal form of infant nutrition and is recommended for the first six months to one year. Breast feeding has got many added benefits for both mother and baby. The composition of mother’s milk is tailor made for baby and changes to adopt to the emerging needs of the baby. No infant formula need can boost to this.               The milk secreted on the first day is called ‘COLOSTRUM’.This milk must be given to the baby as it has various protective factors that increase the resistance against infections and allergies.  

Most babies come into this world knowing how to breast feed. If you get them close enough to the breast, they latch on and suck away. But some babies need help.

Techniques of Breast Feeding
 • Sit comfortably with your back supported and don’t bend over or bring down the breast to the baby.
• Hold the baby by positioning him facing you on his side or tummy to tummy with the heading the crook of your arm and supporting the baby’s back and bottom with you forearm and hand.
• Gently stroke baby’s lips with your nipple or squeeze drops of milk holding the breast with your free hand thumb on top and fingers below. This stimulates the baby to open his mouth, turn towards the breast , take in the nipple and colored area(Areola) . This is rooting and latching on.  • When correctly latched on both the lips should pout out and the baby’s jaw squeezes the milk ducts under the areola and makes low pitched swallowing instead of smacking noises.
• If the procedure is painful then it means the baby has not latched on properly.
• Confirm that your baby is not just sucking without swallowing. A normal baby usually sucks 1-3 times and then swallows.
• Feed your baby on demand and not by clock, usually 8-12 feeds are enough to baby per day.
• Offer both breasts and alternate the side with which you start feeding .
• Feed breast of each side around 15-20 minutes till the breast feels soft before switching to the other side.
• The milk flowing at the end of a feed is called ‘hind milk’ which provides safety and growth factors.

How to know— Your baby is getting enough milk:
•  Steady weight gain of baby.
• 6-8 wet diapers per day.
• Passes golden yellow semisolid stools soon after feed or at least 8-10 times per day.
• Satisfaction of the baby.

1. M.D.(kaumarbhritya)  Consultant  Ch.Brahm Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan,
(Govt. of Delhi)
Kheda Dabar, Najaphgarh, New Delhi-73
2. M.D.(kaumarbhritya), Sr.Medical Officer
Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital (Govt. of Delhi)
Kheda Dabar, Najaphgarh, New Delhi-73