Neem The Villager's Dispensary

Because of wide medicinal uses of Neem from very ancient time. It is very often called "Villagers' Dispensary." From root to twig this plant is used for medicinal purpose. The Sanaskrit name 'Nimba' confines the term. It is a plant of meliaceae family and its botanical name is Azadirachta indica. Flowers These are stored/collected in blooming season only. To collect these, spread a sheat beneath the neem tree and shake the twig. The fallen flowers are collected- washed with water-dried under shed. Dried flowers can be stored in honey and taken every night to boost the immunity & boost the potency. Soaked in 100 ml. of water for at least 4 hours and if taken 2 ounce of this water per day, will cure stomach ache due to excessive pitta (Acidity) Neem Twigs In Indian subcontinent and African countries, it is used to clean teeth. It is used to cure common cold, cough, asthma, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, diabetes and high blood pressure. Neem Bark The paste of fresh bark is used on boils and pimples. The powder of dry bark is used to control fleas and ticks on pets.  

Neem Leaves
Paste of fresh leaves is applied to cure chicken pox and warts. Paste of fresh leaves, if taken internally enhances the immunity, cures neuromuscular pains, flatulence. Neem tea is taken to reduce the fever caused by Malaria and Filaria. For treating foot fungi, feet are soaked in neem tea. The water boiled with Neem leaves is used for bathing to cure foul smelling seating.
• Dry leaves are used for treatment of termites and for storing the grains.
Neem oil
It is extract of seeds of Neem plant. It is used in pest control, cosmetics and medicines. In pets, it is used to get rid of licks.
Neem Seed cake
It is the residue of Neem seed after oil extraction. It is used for soil amendment. it enriches the soil in three ways. Firstly, it adds organic matter to soil. Secondly, it lowers the nitrogen loss and enhances the process of nitrogen fixation. Thirdly, it act as a 'nematicide' which help to crop to gown up and lower the production loss.
Neem Actions
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Anti-arthritic
• Anti-pyretic
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-Malarial
• Anti-Tumor
• Hypoglycaemic
• Spermicidal
• Diuretics
Numerous benefits of Neem
1. Acne: These are releaved by washing the face with neem water.
2. Aids/HIV: It directly doesn't kill the HIV virus but it is not suitable for the growth and replication of this virus.
• It increases the count of CD+ cells and hence increases the immunity.
3. Arthritis: Neem oil + Eucaliptus oil is equal amount mixed and massage on the effected joint relieves the arthritic pains.
4. Birth Control: A cotton swab soaked in neem oil (10-15 drops) to be placed in vagina 10-15 minutes before intercourse is effective as contraceptive but is not very reliable.
5. Boils/ulcers: Neem oil is applied or neem bark paste can also be applied on boilsor ulcers.
6. Chicken pox: To cure the rashes on skin the same remedy, neem oil or neem bark paste or powder can be used.
7. Dandruff: Neem seed oil or neem seed or decoction of neem leaves can be used for curing dandruff.
8. Dental care: Neem twigs used as tooth brush or direct application of neem oil is effective in pyrhoea, bleeding gums etc.
9. Diabetes: Neem capsules are taken by diabetics and it alters the insulin requirement without affecting the blood-glucose level.
10. Eczema: Eczema causes dryness, burning sensation, inflammation and itching.
Neem contain two chemicals Nimbin and Nimbidin which are anti-inflammatory in action and relives the itching and reddening of the skin. It works as a great emollient by preventing moisture loss and restoring the protective barrier in the skin. It is also a strong analgesic or pain killer and provides instant relief from the discomfort experienced by eczema.
11. Heart diseases: Internal use of Neem cures the hypertension, blood clots, heart irregularities and high cholesterol levels. It also reduces anxiety and emotional fluctuation thus stabilising heart rate.
12. Herpes: Neem oil and neem powder both can be used.
13. Immune system: All neem products in any form are supposed to support immune system.
14. Liver/Jaundice: Consume a decoction of tender neem leaves sweetened with honey to eliminate the toxins in the liver. It is an effective remedy for jaundice.
15. Leprosy: The sap should be taken 60 gm. daily patient's body should be massaged in sap for 40 days if sap not available. Take 12 gm of neem leaves and 3 decigram pepper can be ground in water and taken.
16. Malaria: Decoction should be used if its seeds on riping taken as toffee can prevent malaria.
17. Nail fungus: Neem oil is very effective.
18. Psoriasis: Neem oil/neem decoction/neem bark paste or direct neem leaves or any form taken orally is supposed to subside all digestive problem caused mainly by pitta and thus neutralized the excessive pitta.

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