Be like the tortoise, not the hare! Yoga is a wonderful practice that can deliver many benefits. Yoga is widely practiced all over the world and as of today is a very popular method for getting great exercise. Yoga not only exercises your body, but your mind and soul as well. Yoga physical exercises go hand in hand with yoga meditations. This was started out in India so long ago you might not even believe it. They have found artifacts that depict people in Yoga positions that date back to 3000 BC. The most common practiced form of Yoga nowadays is Hatha Yoga. This is the form of Yoga based mostly on exercises and positions. The popularity of this has boomed due to the enormous benefits that those who practice it receive.

Students practicing Hatha Yoga see improved strength, lowered stress, lower body fat, and all the other benefits of getting regular exercise.
Getting into the basics...
There are several places in just about every city to find a good Yoga practitioner. Take your time and find one that you like and feel comfortable with. Before you start here are some basic tips.
Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be moving your body a lot and this is essential.
Just like any other exercise activity, it is also suggested to do in an empty stomach condition.
Pay close attention to any position or exercise that is painful. Yoga is not supposed to be painful, so if something gives you the sensation of pain then you need to ease into that position and avoid injury.
Try to have a clear mind. The sensations of a good Yoga exercises should leave your mind relieved of stress when by the time you are finished. Focus on your body and your breathing during the exercises. This will help you reach that point.
Take your time when finding a Yoga centre or other place that offers Yoga. A good centre is well ventilated and lit. Most importantly is that you like your instructor. So dive into it. One thing about Yoga that is so great, that you start & you will see nothing but good things from practicing it.
Spiritual also…
Yoga, with a discipline, can lead to the rejuvenation of your spirit and this in itself is a worthwhile pursuit. However, this is only the beginning and through the practice of developing basic yoga exercise positions and postures and then with advanced yoga positions it is possible to achieve a fusion of spirit, body and mind. This all takes time, however, and there are no short cuts. If you are new to yoga, you must start out slowly and learn basic yoga positions for beginners before you attempt to strengthen your body or try more advanced practices such as improving blood flow throughout your system. Start slowly and avoid the temptation to run before you can walk. Slow practise of these different yoga positions for beginners, however, can provide immediate spiritual, mental and physical benefits.
Getting used to…
Yoga exercise positions can take some time in getting used to. Don't forget that when you first start trying out the various yoga positions, your body will be relatively inflexible and so vulnerable to injury if you attempt too much, too soon. Speed up later on, but get the basics right from the outset. Your body will thank you for the patience! You will need to learn the correct stretching postures from the outset and also develop the correct mental skills - remember, yoga is good for the whole system. Be realistic, you will feel slightly awkward at first, but this is natural and is not a reason to quit. Gradually, the wonderful physical and mental benefits will start to manifest in all areas of your life. Isn't that worth waiting for?
So, what can you expect?
Well, these different yoga positions for beginners include such positions/poses as standing and sitting. Sounds simple, However, these basic positions are essential in correcting any imbalance in your posture and must be mastered before moving on to more advanced yoga positions. These first, basic steps also help to strengthen the entire back and hips. Balance is also very important and so you will need to perfect a series of forward and backward bends. Again, they aren't particularly difficult, but these poses also have the added benefit of developing flexibility in your body and will enable you to release tension from your entire system.
Essentially, you must learn to 'listen' to what your body is telling you; don't push too hard for too long. Your capabilities will improve over time but if you initially attempt too much then injury could result and this will set you back even further. A yoga instructor is necessary to provide a daily routine for you to follow. Yes, yoga books have their place, but you simply can't make as much progress as with the guiding hand of an experienced practitioner of the art. Join a class, see what problems and benefits other beginners are experiencing and then go for it.
Remember, yoga positions for beginners are simply that—a stepping stone to more advanced techniques which will yield even greater physical and mental benefits.